SPARTA is a unique “made-to-order” solution that provides support to both physicians and patients during their treatment journey in multiple therapeutic areas. SPARTA is a comprehensive adherence program that is available to patients on Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) therapy. The program aims to help patients better manage treatment for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis. Patients taking MSD products are eligible to enroll in the program, through which they receive education on their therapy and disease as well as guidance on diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications that can help them achieve better health outcomes. (1,2) The program supports patients in a number of ways through a set of health technology platforms, tools and resources, which provide:

  • Disease education with an emphasis on the importance of medication adherence to control chronic conditions.
  • Reassurance and motivation, including encouraging lifestyle modifications. In addition to telephone and in-home assistance by nurses to alleviate any concerns and regular consultations with specially-trained SPARTA representatives (2), the program encompasses a variety of patient/physician touch points, such as through:
    • the Website
    • the Mobile app (mobile app acts as patient tool where patients can keep record of their food intake, weight, BMI, daily exercise, test result – blood pressure, HbA1c, food intake and lifestyle goals. It helps the patient keep track of their lifestyle parameters and they can show progress to their Physician).
    • Nurse support through a call centre (As part of SPARTA, the market implementing the program has the opportunity to use the services of a call centre to provide medication support and lifestyle advice to registered patients. The call centre uses the SPARTA CRM to register patients, and track their adherence and well-being over a period of 8 calls during a 12 month period. The calls help patients to understand about their condition, the importance of taking their medication, assists with diet and exercise information and supports the patient with questions they may have during the 12 month journey. If the patient has specific concerns they are referred back to their doctor).
    • SMS and email campaigns with important health tips (This is an option given to markets implementing the program to help support their patients.
    • A series of SMS and Email notifications are sent to the patient at varying intervals reminding them of important information such as taking their medication, going back to the doctor for a check-up, going to get their regular testing done and the importance of diet and exercise can have on their overall wellbeing.)

All of these activities or resources help physicians and nurses to manage these patients by providing disease and treatment information.


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