Scaling up Breast Cancer Care

Pfizer, through the Pfizer Foundation, has launched a program portfolio with a specific focus on addressing cancer in women. The program portfolio is aimed at improving equitable access to oncology care and services globally through capacity building and innovative healthcare models.

For instance, in Peru, the international nonprofit PATH has collaborated with Peruvian partners to implement a community-based breast cancer program in the region of La Libertad. Through the program, they were able to establish a feasible, evidence-based approach to early detection at the community level and linked it to triage and diagnostic services at the network level. With the Pfizer Foundation’s support, PATH plans to scale up this program to reach 115,000 additional women and demonstrate that the model is replicable and sustainable. Pfizer-funder partnerships will explore opportunities to replicate and scale programs like these and expand access to quality oncology care services to thousands of individuals in Peru, Brazil, Rwanda and Kenya.

"Pfizer Foundation grants aim to improve access to quality healthcare for women, recognizing that empowering women is vital to optimal health decision-making in families and communities."

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