Novartis Oncology Access Programs

The Novartis Oncology Access programs are designed to address the lack of access and reimbursement for cancer treatment in low-and middle-income countries.  One of the largest programs, the Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP), was developed to ensure patients with CML (chronic myeloid leukemia) or GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor), two rare cancers, receive treatment.

Novartis partners with physicians and international health organizations to facilitate access to Glivec via GIPAP. To reach as many CML and GIST patients in need as possible in low-and middle-income countries, GIPAP partners have established clear roles and processes for the program, engaged local governments and officials, and educated local partners to gain their support and commitment.

The largest of Novartis’ Oncology Access programs—the Glivec International Patient Assistance Program—is a direct-to-patient access program.

"Ten years ago, there were no resources in Africa for people facing chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), and then Novartis Oncology brought access solutions to the region which means people are now surviving and, thanks to our collaboration in the program, living well with cancer."

Danielle Matia

Africa and Middle East Region Head, The Max Foundation