Ngao Ya Afya

PharmAccess Foundation, CarePay and Sanofi launched Ngao Ya Afya, an innovative patient-focused solution in Kenya, to enhance access to affordable and quality diabetes and hypertension care. Ngao ya Afya is delivered via M-TIBA, a mobile healthcare platform that connects patients, payers and providers through a mobile health wallet, which can be used by anyone with access to a simple mobile phone. The wallet allows people to save money and receive insurance or other entitlements, ring-fenced for healthcare that can be spent in connected clinics. M-TIBA enables direct and targeted reach of large groups of patients with entitlements at virtually no transaction costs. The platform generates an unprecedented amount of data along the care process that creates transparency on costs and outcomes of care, at an individual patient level. These data can be used to provide smart, real-time feedback to patients, providers and payers and improve the value of care. Developed by PharmAccess, CarePay and Safaricom, M-TIBA was launched in December 2015 and currently has over 1 million users and connected 450 clinics.

Through Ngao Ya Afya, registered patients in participating clinics are empowered to take charge of their own health through:

  • Access to care: a mobile benefit giving access to discounted diabetes and hypertension consultations, medical tests and discounted Sanofi medicines through M-TIBA
  • Self-management tools to help patients track and manage their condition including lifestyle and adherence support and incentives, remote communication with physicians.

Value of care is further improved through M-TIBA data informed decision-making tools that assist doctors to provide quality care.

Moreover, screening for hypertension and diabetes are proposed in the clinics that are part of the program and training for healthcare professionals on most recent guidelines is also carried out. The program is a pilot.

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