Cancer Alliance for Sub-Saharan Africa

" The Alliance aims to develop Nairobi, Kenya into a 'center of excellence' for cancer in the Sub-Saharan region."

Takeda has facilitated the establishment of the Cancer Alliance, as the founding member. The Cancer Alliance brings together a group of established organizations and agencies– including academic organizations, non profits, government bodies, non-governmental organizations, industry associations and pharmaceutical companies  – to improve cancer services in a more integrated and holistic manner.

The vision of the Alliance is to address the existing barriers in cancer treatment access in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and strive to raise standards of health. Specifically, the Alliance aims to develop Nairobi, Kenya into a regional ‘center of excellence’ for cancer treatment, to address the increasing rate of cancer in Kenya as well as to also serve as a regional hub that can facilitate treatment for patients across SSA.

Through its initiatives, the Cancer Alliance aims to improve:

  • Access to diagnostics
  • Affordability of high quality medicine
  • Transportation to healthcare facilities
  • Patient education and family services, for example, improving knowledge and awareness of various cancers in the community
  • Healthcare practitioner education
  • Data collection and dissemination
  • Legislation and public policy.

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