The World Bank

Who We Are?

The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. The World Bank is not a bank in the ordinary sense but a unique partnership to reduce poverty and support development. The World Bank Group (WBG) comprises five institutions managed by their member countries.

What we Do?

The WBG works in every major area of development, providing a wide option of financial products, technical assistance, and helping countries with innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenge they face. To support countries in reaching the goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030, the Bank provides financing, state-of-the-art analysis, and policy advice to improve service delivery and expand access to quality, affordable health care. 

Partnership Contribution?

The WBG has focused its health sector investments and research in areas that are especially vital to helping countries achieve UHC by 2030, working closely with donors, development partners, governments, and the private sector.