Digital Journey in Primary Health Care: Empowering Patients with Noncommunicable Diseases in Vietnam

As noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including diabetes and hypertension, continue to pose a growing challenge to public health in Vietnam, digital tools and applications, emerge as valuable resources. A recent World Bank study, supported by Access Accelerated, assesses the patient-facing digital tools used at the primary care level.

While national investment in digital health is increasing, the study found that the availability of NCD-specific applications remain scarce. Even when such applications are available, they often focus on basic functionalities, such as appointment booking and basic health monitoring, neglecting disease self-care and management.

Digital tools not only help bridge gaps in accessing health information and care, they also have the potential to empower individuals to manage their own care. The study identified opportunities for the use of wearable technologies and SMS interventions for NCDs. However, adoption of digital solutions for NCDs continue to be a challenge for innovators, patients, and healthcare providers.

The study emphasizes fostering an innovative people-centric approach to advancing Vietnam’s digital health journey for people living NCDs. This requires ensuring tools are safe, secure, and accessible.

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