What is the Access Accelerated Open Platform?

The Access Accelerated Open Platform (AAOP) is a knowledge resource and dashboard that provides a centralized information repository of action on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). It is designed to inform users about NCD programs, catalyze biopharmaceutical industry NCD action in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and guide members and partners to adapt their work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its launch in December 2018, the Open Platform has demonstrated the industry’s commitment to accountability and measurement.


Who uses the Open Platform?

Everyone interested in learning about the current efforts to reduce the NCD burden by the biopharmaceutical industry, government bodies, NGOs, civil society, and people living with NCDs. The Open Platform has a growing network from over 100 different countries.


What will you find on the Open Platform?

The Open Platform provides visualizations and analysis of the newest NCD-program information, peer-reviewed data and unique insights into the biopharmaceutical industry’s NCD programs.


The Open Platform continues to collect user feedback to improve data maintenance and transparency and to grow with Access Accelerated’s evolving strategies. The newest version has been visually and functionally updated with a more robust and sustainable approach to data collection, visualization and analysis.


How does the Open Platform benefit its users? 

The Open Platform allows users to compare existing program initiatives and identify gaps, synergies and opportunities for action and avoid program fragmentation. With easy-to-understand interactive visualizations, the Open Platform supports capacity building, communications, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation.


What are some of the new features added to the Open Platform

Users can search, retrieve, and report data on global NCD action more efficiently. Additionally, through the new COVID-19 Portal update, users can get insights on how to adapt programs to meet the needs of people living with NCDs.


Highlights include:

  • Easy to use data upload and download functions
  • Improved information search and advanced filters
  • Interactive charts that dynamically change the dashboard with a single-click
  • Automated data processing and management in the Centralized Information Repository
  • Key technology upgrades enabling enhanced analytical capabilities, a focus on measurable indicators at different geographical levels and to provide customizable analytical portals


How has the Open Platform evolved in response to COVID-19 pandemic?

In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted the status quo, impacting lives and economies alike. The new COVID-19 Portal presents several analytical tools for providing strategic information to members and partners to facilitate the adaptation of their work to address the NCD-burden of LMICs considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


What are the sources of the Open Platform?

The Open Platform receives information from two main sources which work with together with Access Accelerated:

  • The Global Health Progress (GHP) provides self-published information from the individual companies of the biopharmaceutical industry. This data is the most recent information, directly updated on the GHP, which is not third-party verified.
  • Access Observatory (AO) provides standardized information and data that has been collected and reviewed throughout each ongoing year by an independent partner (Boston University, 2017-2021)


How often is data collected and updated on the platform?

The program database is regularly synchronized with multiple data sources based on availability or updates received including those from Access Observatory (annual update), Global Health Progress (monthly update), Access Accelerated partners and open data sources.


What is the roadmap for the application?

Additional tools and modules are being planned, including targeted focus https://aaopenplatform.accessaccelerated.orgon COVID-19 mitigation linked to vaccine introduction, easier information search aligned to the strategic areas of Access Accelerated (supply chain, digital health, and integrated primary healthcare) and continuous focus on measurable indicators across programs and countries. Further activities will be planned based on ongoing feedback. Click here to explore the updated Access Accelerated Open Platform.


Can the data from the platform be downloaded?

Yes, the data of every chart can be exported and used via the options icon (top right corner of each chart). All profiles (member, NCDs, country) will be available to export as a PDF. An option to share the visualized information via social media will be added.