On 4 February, the global community united to recognize World Cancer Day and join the “I Am, I Will” rallying cry.


On LinkedIn, Access Accelerated Director James Pfitzer shared his thoughts on three ways that meaningful, multi-sectoral partnerships can help create a cancer-free world and the commitments Access Accelerated is making to achieve this goal:


1)  We Will Walk the Talk

Whether they’re redefining treatment in oncology or leading cutting edge research, Access Accelerated member companies, more than 20 strong, have long-held commitments to cancer prevention and treatment. But we know that there are several barriers to care. We need to be committed to quality solutions; solutions with whole-of-government, whole-of-society approaches that strengthen the health system at large.


2) We Will Collaborate with Local Stakeholders

Cancer is an especially heavy burden to bear when there is limited resources, awareness and access to care. Understanding the challenge at hand requires close coordination with the decision-makers and stakeholders who are at the frontlines.


This coordination makes it possible for our partner, City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), to celebrate Valle del Cauca becoming the first Department in Colombia to adopt a multisectoral cancer control plan. From the Ministry of Health to academic institutions to the private sector, the C/Can engagement process in Cali – and our work around the world – unites local stakeholders and global supporters to forge locally owned solutions.


3) We Will Build Awareness and Knowledge

Approximately 70% of cancer deaths occur in developing countries. The inequity is staggering and calls for us to bring the right resources and insights to close the gap. What does this look like? For Access Accelerated, it’s continually sharing our programs and progress through the Access Accelerated Open Platform online, roundtables offline, advocacy on-the-ground, and everywhere in between.


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