In the latest edition of Access Today, Interim Director of Access Accelerated, Herb Riband reflects on the role of Access Accelerated as the drive towards the 2030 SDGs intensifies. Looking ahead, Access Accelerated is gearing up for next month’s UN General Assembly and fostering a new technical partnership with the World Bank, all with a focus on investing in UHC through NCDs.

Also, read the personal stories and the advocacy work done by people living and affected by NCDs. From Christopher Agbega’s transformative journey with Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy to insights from Labram Musah of the Ghana NCD Alliance, the focus remains on elevating voices for positive policy changes.

Upcoming events and insightful interviews with industry leaders provide a forward-looking perspective on the evolving landscape of NCD care.

To get the full picture and stay updated, read the August edition.