Secure the Future Kimberly Hospital Complex – South Africa

The overall aim of this project is establish a Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence at the Kimberly Hospital Complex (KHC) Oncology Department and expand community based cancer services in the John Taolo Gaetsewe (JTG) District. 

The goals of this program are: 

Goal 1: Establish a Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence at KHC Oncology Department: Objectives:

  1. Improve the physical and equipment infrastructure at KHC and Kuruman hospital to enhance patient diagnosis, treatment and outcomes;
  2. Upgrade the existing data infrastructure to improve patient quality of care, monitor service delivery and report Kimberley Hospital Oncology lung cancer data;
  3. Stay abreast of novel and innovative lung cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and palliative care modalities;
  4. Develop collaborative diagnostic and referral pathways with Kuruman Hospital and other specialty departments within KHC;
  5. Support provincial level efforts in understanding the burden of lung cancer in the KHC catchment area of the Northern Cape Province. 

Goal 2: Provide Lung, Breast and Cervical Cancer awareness, screening, referral, patient navigation, treatment adherence services and palliative care in the JTG District: Objectives: 

  1. Provide community outreach and education services to increase awareness around priority cancers particularly in at-risk communities in the catchment area;
  2. Expand community-based priority cancer screening to support early detection and diagnosis;
  3. Develop and implement a patient referral system amongst KHC Oncology Department, Kuruman Hospital and CCW community-based screening program;
  4. Develop and implement a patient navigation system for newly diagnosed cancer patients to support treatment initiation and adherence;
  5. Enhance treatment adherence and follow-up (psychosocial support, appointment reminders, workshops) for diagnosed and cancer survivor patients;
  6. Strengthen community-based palliative care services in the JTG District. 

The project began in 2017 and is estimated to complete in 2020. To date, the following objectives have been accomplished: 

  • Established KHC Oncology Centre of Excellence focusing primarily on lung cancer.
  • Enhanced data system and data collection and utilization capabilities within KHC and collaborating partners.
  • Earlier detection, referral and diagnosis of lung, breast and cervical cancer in project areas.
  • improved patient tracking system, enhanced referral network and transport network to reduced loss to follow-up
  • Improved treatment of lung cancer patients who would have been misdiagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Established sustainable and functional relations with JTG District Health Department, Community Healthcare Workers, Community Based Organizations and volunteers so as to reach all the affected and at risk population timeously and improve rates of early diagnosis.
  • Kimberley Hospital Complex Oncology Department to be the first Project ECHO Hub for cancer in South Africa. Project ECHO™ enables expert specialist teams to mentor primary care providers through “virtual clinics,” which helps local clinicians learn to treat patients with complex conditions in their own communities.
  • Improved knowledge, skills and expertise in Oncological and Project Management. • Functional and patient friendly Oncology Unit at Kuruman Hospital.
  • 60 trained community volunteers to provide palliative home-based services. 

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