Sanofi Mental Health Program (FAST – Fight Against STigma) – Mali

This two-year program is a partnership with Santé Sud, a French international NGO, which mission is to strengthen healthcare workers capacity in developing countries to provide vulnerable populations with access to sustainable and quality health care. Santé Sud has started working in Mali in 1989 and has since developed a network of 150 rural Community General Practitioners (Médecins Généralistes Communautaires – MGC or GPs).
The aim of this partnership is to improve access to mental health care for the rural population in six regions (Kayes, Koulikoro, Mopti, Ségou, Sikasso and Tombouctou) via developing a rural GP Mental Health Network and raising awareness amongst the general population.
The objective is, for the GPs who will be trained, to diagnose and manage 15% of patients with severe mental disorders in the 6 regions covered. Over the 2 year duration of the program, this would represent approximately 1600 patients based on prevalence estimates from WHO.
Specific activities and targets include:
a- Training (face to face workshops and training supervision) of 18 GPs to diagnose and manage mental disorders and to train other GPs .
b- Information / public awareness activities, via GPs and 216 local community representatives, and through the use of Behaviour Change Communication materials (flipchart, brochures, radio broadcast messages, etc.) to reach a total of approximately 9 million people.
c- The collection and processing of activity data (number of new patients diagnosed, monthly consultations, etc.) in order to be able to evaluate the project outputs and outcomes.
This program has been endorsed by the Malian Ministry of Health and in addition to Santé Sud and Sanofi, it also involves representatives from the Ministry of Health, local psychiatrists from the Bamako Point G Hospital, the local head of the rural GP association (Association des Médecins de Campagne – AMC), as well as international partners such as the World Association of Social Psychiatry.

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