The Medical and Surgical Skills Institute (MSSI), established in 2005 by Johnson & Johnson and other partners, including the West Africa College of Surgeons, has become a center of excellence for advanced health care training in West Africa providing hands-on medical and surgical skills training in advanced trauma, including childbirth injuries.

MSSI strives to provide the best available medical and surgical training, using modern equipment facilities and technology, in order to advance healthcare in West Africa. Dedicated faculty from various collaborating educational institutions and healthcare organizations provide practical, clinical and academic training in areas including basic surgical skills, triage nursing, maternal health care, pediatrics, laparoscopy skills, diabetes management, burn treatment, gynecology, management and leadership skills for physicians, and trauma care.

To date, more than 16,000 healthcare providers have received critical skills training from MSSI, which gets supplies and funding from Johnson & Johnson. Based in Accra, Ghana, MSSI also provides courses at regional and district hospitals in four cities in Ghana, as well as in medical and educational facilities in four West African countries – Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Congo.

Participants in a suturing class at MSSI in Ghana.