Health Camp against NCDs

" Helping hand for early detection and treatment of NCDs"

NCDs, e.g. cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes are looming as challenges which could not be overlooked in Myanmar. According to one survey, 36.9% of those diagnosed as hypertension had no history of blood-pressure check-ups. Even after the diagnosis, only 34.9% had taken antihypertensive drugs. The Ministry of Health and Sports recognizes insufficiency of aid on NCDs from other countries, and strongly advocates the necessity of support at meetings with UN Organizations and international NGOs.

Chugai, in partnership with AMDA – MINDS (AMDA – Multisectoral and INtegrated Development Services) intends to help detection and treatment of NCDs in rural villages of Meiktila Township in Mandalay Region, located in the central-dry-zone of Myanmar and known for relatively high extent of poverty due to limited agricultural success. Preventing NCDs is recognized as an urgent issue in the region.

This program offers to support patients through operating mobile medical clinics which provide medical check-ups and follow-up treatment. It also facilitates in-hospital care for patients in severe condition and provides villagers with educational healthcare courses and brochures. The details of the plans are determined at workshops facilitated by staffs from the Ministry of Health and Sports and Meiktila General Hospital.