Developing Cancer Healthcare Insurance

China faces a sharp increase in cancer rates. Unfortunately, most cancer patients have to pay for their treatment themselves. Through its worldwide contacts, Roche works with hospitals, laboratories and healthcare networks, providing local and global data on cancer treatment options and cost analysis to the insurance companies. This enables insurance companies to determine an appropriate pay-out for treatment and to launch affordable cancer insurance policies that cover the best available treatment, access to hospitals and doctors, and cancer education and support.

Roche also provides services such as cancer awareness and prevention programs, treatment and follow-up care, and support. Such seminars, client forums and cancer awareness campaigns are helping to educate insurers and the wider population about how cancer can be treated.

Only 6% of the Chinese population has a health insurance policy that covers the cost of cancer treatment.

"Around 40 million oncology insurance policies have been sold in China thanks to collaborations between Roche and four re-insurers and 16 local insurance companies."