Improving healthy aging through a life course approach

" Collaborating to improve health across the life-course"

Pfizer has invested in an initiative to help reduce the burden of NCDs on families, health systems and communities by promoting healthy lifestyles across the life course including increasing screening and treatment, and influencing policies in low and middle-income countries.

Collaborating for Health is a data-informed and human-centered approach that starts with an understanding of the challenges older people face and supports communities to co-design responses. This initiative specifically addresses a lack of data about health in older age and implements strategies to influence program and policy responses to prevent and manage NCDs and to support healthy aging. Collaborating for Health operates in Colombia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, India, Mozambique, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Improving health for all generations in Kibaha, Tanzania.

Given the centrality of families, Collaborating for Health focuses on intergenerational and family-centered interventions. Communities have designed projects to address NCDs focused on sanitation, nutrition, physical exercises, regular health checkups, access to blood pressure and diabetes screening and treatment, and formal/informal health sector collaboration.

These projects improve healthy living practices for people of all ages to prevent and manage NCDs. New alliances between Older People’s Groups, civil society, and governments focus on promoting health in communities in which people of multiple generations are engaged in leadership roles. Projects also improve collaboration between health facilities, health workers, and family caregivers, and as a result, there is an increase in places, practices, and policies that support intergenerational interaction and promote healthy aging.