June 2018

NCDA Kenya (NCDAK) and NCD Alliance held a workshop on 21-22 March to develop The Advocacy Agenda of People living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) in Kenya. The meeting aimed to consult with PLWNCDs to define a common Advocacy Agenda, explore communications a

This article describes the cancer registry in Colombia, VIGICANCER, supported by Sanofi Espoir Foundation through its My Child Matters program since 2009. From 2009 to 2013, data from 1242 patients were included in Vigicancer. This study demonstrates

This article describes the experience of the pediatric oncology team from Bamako (Mali) in the Retinoblastoma program, supported by Sanofi Espoir Foundation through the My Child Matters program. A prospective study in children with retinoblastoma dem

This article describes the My Child Matters programme initiated by Sanofi Espoir Foundation in 2006, and evaluates its impact in the first 10 countries where it was implemented. It demonstrates the role of catalyzer of the public-private partnerships